From Claiborne to Ocean City on the Red Star Coach

 The Red Star Motor Coach company provided transportation around the Delmarva Peninsula in the decades before World War II.  The company was apparently headquartered in Salisbury, Maryland.  This brochure for the route between Clairborne and Ocean City shows that the bus met the Claiborne Annapolis Ferry for its run down to the beach.   With stops at Salisbury, Snow Hill,  Berlin and other places, the brochure points out historic vistas along the roadway. 

read star line bus 550

read star line bus 551

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19 Responses to From Claiborne to Ocean City on the Red Star Coach

  1. Robert Eden says:

    Great history of Claiborne and Eastern Shore transport—thanks

  2. Bev says:

    Impressive. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Robert Eden says:

    Since I learned of the Annapolis-Matapeake-Claiborne-Red Star history, last month, I have been checking the internet for more info, and found out that information on the operation is very rare. If any Eastern Shore people have any write-ups, or pix on this operation, please post them. I am sure many, as I do, appreciate this great web-site, and would like to see any additions that others may add.

    At one time Claiborne was connectef by rail to Ocean City, and later the fine highway which Red Star operated their Trailways Buses, from Washington and Baltimore into OC, and all way points.

    On this web site, or another one is a very old post card of the Claiborone Pier as served by the early railroad. Does anyone have a more recent pix of when it was served by the Red Star Bus Line?

    Robert Eden

    • Mike Dixon says:

      Thanks Robert. We will see if can digitize some more images.

      • Robert Eden says:

        Mike,,,,many thanks,,,

        The Red Star Bus Line (Trailways), and Claiborne Landing, and Pier, and the rail Line serving Claiborne, and, Ocean City is great Eastern Shore history which is being honored and kept alive by you and the contributors to this great web site.
        The Baltimore and Annapolis steam and diesel boats ferried passengers and cargo to many Eastern shore points, up until 1952, but Claiborne didn’t get much press, or photos to record the important daily landings there. Many other Eastern shore landing points are well recorded in history books, but Claiborne, a very important name in Maryland history is further awaiting it’s well earned, and deserved, recognition on your website, and in other historical writtings.


  4. Richard Trippe says:

    I am very familiar with Red Star Motor Coaches. I grew up in Newcomb, MD on Rte. 33. Red Star had daily service to Baltimore except on Wednesdays. They followed Rte. 33 to Claiborne and then took the ferry to Romancoke, then to Matapeake, over the Bay to Sandy Point (originally to Annapolis). Hazel Jones was the driver. I rode Red Star many times to Baltimore and Washington until 1952 when Red Star was bought by Carolina Coach Company (Trailways), Raleigh, N.C. I rode Red Star and the ferry right before Red Star was sold and the bridge was opened. I do have a fair amount of material and photographs on Red Star.

    I was a State Trooper for a number of years and knew a lot of the drivers. Most of the old drivers are now deceased.

    Dick Trippe

  5. Nancy E. Robertson says:

    My Father Maxwell L. Robertson Sr. was a bus driver for Red Star. Don’t know how long he drove but I do know that he was driving for them when I was born in 1948 at PRMC. I would like to know more information about the Red Star line too.

  6. Annette Bradford says:

    My great grandfather Charles T. Jackson was an railroad engineer. OC MD for 46 yrs 1891-1937. His father was Capt. Lambert W. Jackson steamboat Capt. He was from Rhodesdale, MD Not much info … I’m searching.

    • Mike Dixon says:

      Annette, thanks for sharing that. I’ll bet there are some great family stories that were passed down. Now that I know the name, I will keep an eye out for it, and post them for you if I find something.

      • Robert Eden says:

        Thanks,so much, to all who are leaving great comments regards Red Star Trailways. I never road Red Star but I did ride the Trailways buses out of the station on 13th St in Washington DC to Ft Meade in 1945-6..

        The transportation connections between the eastern and western shores and to the ocean are great history, which should be revealed and kept alive. Thanks to all for their effort to do so.

        Robert Eden , Gambrills, Md.

  7. Bob Bloodsworth says:

    I’m glad I found this site. My father, Ronald E. Bloodsworth was a mechanic for Red Star after he came back from WW2. He had great stories of traveling and working on the busses. He also worked on local stock cars that ran at George Bowers’ Delmar track and Georgetown. Drivers were JD Jones and JR Jones.

    • Mike Dixon says:

      Bob thanks so much for sharing there. If you come up with any specific stories you want to share, please post them. I think a lot of people would like to read them. Thanks Again for sharing your memory.

  8. Martha Wright says:

    My great uncle, Lee Webster Selfe, was the General Manager of Red Star from the late ’20’s until the early ’40’s. He lived in Salisbury during this time, and I believe the company was headquartered there also. As a young man, Web (and his father) transported visitor to the Havre de Grace track. He subsequently worked for the Seitz Automobile in Baltimore before moving to Salisbury. I have a couple copies of the Red Star brochures as well as a lovely post card of a lovely Red Star bus. Would love to learn more about the line. .

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