Over the Hill to the Kent County Poorhouse in Wyoming, DE

Until well into the 20th century counties on the Delmarva Peninsula had almshouses or poorhouses. The postcard from about 1912 shows the institution that served Kent County Delaware, which was located on a 300 acre farm in Wyoming, DE,. It had two buildings for residents and two tenant cottages for farmers.  In the 1930s, Delaware closed its county almshouses as state hospitals or homes opened in Smyrna and elsewhere.

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11 Responses to Over the Hill to the Kent County Poorhouse in Wyoming, DE

  1. Lance says:

    The Alm’s House is no longer there. The house pictured is the house that I grew up in and the house my mother still lives in. There is a cemetary connected with it. It is located in a wooded area on the the property adjacent to it. The head stones have fallen down and the graves are sunken in.

  2. Lance says:

    The Alm’s house was still standing when I was a child.

    • Mike says:

      Lance the house we’re looking at in the photo, was that the almshouse, the caretakers house or something else? Sometimes the postcard photographers would mislabel the image. If you want a copy of this let me know. Do you have any other stories about the house you could share or recall hearing from others?

  3. Joan L. Caulk says:

    My son just sent me this photograph. I have lived in this house for over fifty years. My husbands father bought the farm around 1946. It is still intact and holding up well. Of course with new siding, roof, etc. I was very glad to see the photograph.

  4. Don Leamy says:

    Are any of the tombstones readable at the almshouse cemetery in wyoming? My great, great grandparents, Edward and Susan Porter are buried there. Don

    • Mike Dixon says:

      Don someone that’s familiar with the old property posted that there are still some tombstones out in the woods and they were familiar with the location of the cemetery. I’m not sure if it’s accessible, but perhaps one of the other readers who has posted on this matter can help. The other thing to consider is that the Delaware State Archives has some of the records from the old county almshouses, including Kent’s. Check with them since as I recall they had some patient records and perhaps death/burial records. It’s been a while since I looked at them, but the archivist at the Archives will know.

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