Shore Blogging

On this page you will find links to my history-related blogs, which readers of Reflections on Delmarva’s Past should find of interest.

  • Mike’s History Blog — I reflect on my work as a historian, on this weblog.
  • Window on Cecil County’s Past — On a Window on Cecil County’s Past, you will find posts about the area’s history, both old and modern, and the personal stories of its people, first and secondhand. Installments may include pieces on folkways, places, events, the built environment, people and about any aspect of the past that catches my attention. Additionally, I may periodically contemplate current happenings, as I investigate the convergence of dynamics that are changing our corner of northeastern Maryland in the 21st century.
  • Old Delmarva Photos Weblog – If you’re Interested in old photos from around the Delmarva Peninsula, check out this blog.  We’ll try to post an fascinating old picture each week on this photo site.
  • Singerly Fire Company Museum Blog — This is a public history project I am working on with a fire department museum.  The blog focuses on the history and traditions of the public safety agency.

2 Responses to Shore Blogging

  1. Joe Perdue says:

    Many years ago when I was young My Mom & Dad took us to Delaware one night to see a Christmas tree near a railroad line. If I remember the name it was called the Jackson Holly Tree and it was supposed to have been decorated each year by railroad employees. Are you familiar with this? I have been unable to find any information about it and was wondering if it still exist.

    Thanks in advance!

    Joe P.

  2. Mike says:


    It’s still here and open this year. It’s a few miles into Maryland along the B & O Tracks, just before you get to the Susuqhanna River. Here are a few links to help you.

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