Main Street Has Stories To Be Told

To compete in the 21st century economy, Main Streets must draw on a community’s past, its unique heritage and architecture. A range of cultural resources combine to create an ambiance that helps make old town centers a destination in the era of Big Box and Internet retailing. The successful ones we see are utilizing these opportunities and developing quality products in a significant way.

The Princess Anne Main Street Partnership is one fine example. They’ve created an excellent, leading edge product, which utilizes the rich heritage of the community by creating a driving tour of the town. While that’s an outstanding idea, the Partnership has taken it to a higher level by producing an audio driving tour that’s delivered over your cell phone. The tour highlights over 300 years of the community’s history from the colonial era to the arrival of the talking picture show. .

Here’s what they say: “Visitors to Princess Anne can now experience the authentic Eastern Shore in Princess Anne – the rich heritage of our historic community using their own cell phones. Hear the stories of freemen and slaves, innkeepers, merchants and more. The tour highlights over 300 years of Princess Anne history from the Colonial era . . . to arrival of the “talking” picture show.

We thoroughly enjoyed this outstanding product, which caused us to make Princess Anne a destination for an enjoyable afternoon. Throughout the tour, 68 stories at 40 sites are presented in a dramatic, theatrical style, full of music and other sound effects. Check it out next time you’re down that way. It’s a quality piece of work from the Princess Anne Partnership and it’ll help make Main Street a destination. Kudos to the Princess Anne Partnership.

The tour is brought to you by the Main Street Princess Anne Partnership, and was funded, in part, through a State of Maryland Main Street Improvement Program Grant.

priincess anne main street

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