WRNR Interviews C & D Canal staff for Voices of the Bay

I tuned in for the Sunday Morning Brunch, a radio show on WRNR out of Annapolis, this morning as I usually do over the weekend.  Host Michael Buckley has a  segement called voices of the Chesapeake, which involves interviewing various people around the Chesapeake. This morning, he featured two people from the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal.   He started with the Army Corps of Engineers manager for this location, Jim Tomlin.  Joe Brennan, one of five marine dispatcher, did the second interview of the day.

I’ve clipped part of that broadcast here in case you want to listen to it.  Michael has a great program that’s just right for a relaxed Sunday morning.  Check it out next weekend.  He’s on from 7:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m.  Michael is also on the staff of the C.V. Starr Center at Washington College.

It’s hard to find quality stations like Annapolis based WRNR on the commercial side of the dial so I surf over frequently to enjoy the quality programming they offer.


Interview with Jim Tomlin Manager of the C & D Canal on WRNR

WRNR Interview with Joe Brennan, C & D Canal Dispatcher

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