11,000 Likes on Delmarva History

Thank You for Following Delmarva History on Facebook, as we Pass a New Milestone 9,000 Likes.

We want to say thanks to everyone for stopping by to spend a little time on the Delmarva History space on Facebook as we hit a new milestone, 11,000 likes.  Your visits to the page and your participation in the social conversations taking place here makes our effort worthwhile.

We also value the larger, open dialogue about yesteryear that takes place on a number of other valuable Facebook pages. Our region has a large, virtual community of formal and informal groups and individuals contributing narratives and images about the past. And while we enjoy contributing a little content to this daily conversation, the full array of social channels allows us to learn lots more from the work of others.

This daily hum of conversations involving the posting of an enormous amount of heritage-related content encourages collaboration and sharing.  On these public spaces, we are all able to share and comment on each other’s work, thus more broadly enhancing the study and appreciation of the past.

We learned a lot as we created this site by watching experienced social media pros (early adopters) from the area before we launched our FB page on Aug. 29, 2014. Eventually jumping into the mix on what was a new platform for us, we were delighted to join a fine group of colleagues who enjoy the heritage of this great region, creating a daily hum of conversation.

This contact with a vast array of informative material is enhanced by freely sharing resources, collectively producing via this larger platform what has become a public history commons, a place to learn, share and talk about the past.

Thank you for liking Delmarva History, as it makes our effort worthwhile. And thank you to every contributor and page administrator who works to make the past more accessible through various channels on Delmarva as the technology allows us to easily deliver content.

Delmarva History

Thank you for 11,000 likes on Delmarva History on FB.

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