Adventures in Research Program at Greenwood Library Spotlights the Greenwood Train Disaster of 1903

2015-06-27_13-12-41Press Release, Greenwood Public Library

On Monday, November 16, at 6:30pm, the Greenwood Library will be hosting a program, Adventures in Research, which will consider the Greenwood Train Disaster of 1903.  This Sussex County tragedy occurred over a hundred years ago, in the midst of a blinding snowstorm on December 2, 1903, when two trains collided in the center of Greenwood.  One train, pulling a lethal cargo of dynamite and naphtha, exploded with the blast and fire severely damaging the community.

Social historian Mike Dixon will be presenting this program, which will be equally enjoyable for those interested in learning about the accident or becoming acquainted with the process for exploring the past.  The subject will be approached in various ways, covering methods for going about researching the past in the community, presenting a broad narrative about the wreck, and facilitating an audience-centered discussion to help frame the historic context.  During the audience participation time, those in attendance are invited to share stories and insights about the train disaster passed down through the generations in Greenwood by families in the area.  Mr. Dixon will also give direction on how to do research on subjects that are of interest to many, such as the history of an old house.  In the end, this engaging event will explain how historical puzzles are pieced together as we learn about the process for understanding earlier times and historical mysteries.

Mr. Dixon is an adjunct history professor at Wilmington University and has been involved in investigating a number of major disasters from an historical perspective, as well as developing commemorative programs for those tragedies.

The program is sponsored by the Delaware Humanities Forum and is free and open to all.  Children under twelve should be accompanied by an adult.  Registration is helpful but not required.  To register, please come by the library, call 349-5309, or visit the library website at

The Greenwood Library is located at 100 Mill St., just east of the railroad tracks in Greenwood.

Greenwood Library program on Greenwood Disaster sponsored by the Delaware Humanities Forum

Greenwood Library program on Greenwood Disaster sponsored by the Delaware Humanities Forum

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