At History Happy Hour Dr. Newton Examines Story of the Murder of Escaped Slave & Civil War Soldier

Press Release – Kent County Historical Society

The Charles Sumner GAR Post 25 here in Chestertown is a reminder of the many African-Americans from the Eastern Shore who fought in the Civil War. Identified as USCT or United States Colored Troops, these men fought bravely in some of the most difficult battles of the war including the Battle of the Crater. One of these soldiers, Obie Evans, escaped slavery, survived the Battle of the Crater and participated in Baltimore’s postwar street riots – only to be murdered by other war veterans near Smyrna 1866. His story reveals the triumphs and tragedies of African-Americans in the Civil War.

Dr. Steve Newton has been a Professor of History and Political Science at Delaware State University since 1990. Currently, he serves as acting Chairman of the History, Political Science, and Philosophy Department at the University. Dr. Newton is the author of nine books and an Associate Editor of North & South magazine and is uniquely qualified to lead us to a better understanding of local Africans-Americans in the Civil War. Join us for History Happy Hour , 4PM Friday, September 5 at the Bordley History Center, 301 High Street in Chestertown and learn more about our early history.

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