Mob Law on Delmarva, a New Regional Book by Linda Duyer

A new regional title, "Mob Law on Delmarva" by Linda Duyer.

A new regional title, “Mob Law on Delmarva” by Linda Duyer.

A new regional title, “Mob Law on Delmarva: Cases of lynching, near-lynchings, and race riots of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia, 1870-1950,” has just been published. Its 287-pages seek to answer the question about the prevalence of mob violence in the region, and the author, Linda Duyer, has achieved that goal. Her investigations into many undocumented cases of violence serve as a valuable resource for anyone focusing on the issues of “segregation, intimidation, hate and violence toward African-Americans.” on the land between the waters of the Delaware and the Chesapeake.

This volume came about after assisting Dr. Kirland Hall with a 2010 program at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore about the 1933 lynching of George Armwood in Princess Anne.   As a result of the being involved with the conference, people started asking about how many incidents there were, and those inquiries caused Linda to begin creating a registry of cases and documenting as many details as she could. She is now sharing this informative title with readers.

This title available from Lulu will be a valuable resource in my courses and lectures. The author has published other works such as “Round the Pond: Georgetown of Salisbury, Maryland,” a volume that describes the long gone African-American neighborhood in Salisbury.

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