The Dover Delaware Police Department in 1956

The Dover, DE Police Department, an agency with an authorized strength of 18-sworn officers in 1956, was advancing, and the Tri-State Police Review took note of those enhancements.  To ensure better utilization of resources the city had authorized hiring one woman to work parking meters and three to serve as crossing guards.  In addition Lt. Montague attended a Michigan State University conference on police community relations, and Patrolman Spence completed the 17 week State Police Training School.  Plus, there had been a local conference on Police Community Relations at the Airbase.   That year, the city gave its officers a raise, increasing salaries as follows, according to the city minutes:  Chief, $115, per week, Lieutenant – $90.00; Sergeants – $83.00; Patrolmen from $61.00 to $77.00; Clerks – $55.00.

The men and women of the Dover Police Department posed for the magazine’s photographer:  FRONT ROW STANDING L to R – Mrs. Selma Donovan, School Crossing Guard.  SITTING – Detective Sgt. Gilliam, Sgt. Clemence, Chief Turner, Mayor Haman, Lt. Montague, Sgt. Ford, Sgt. Roe, Bert Weyant, School Crossing Guard

BACK ROW L to R – Mrs. Patricia Roberts, Meter Woman, Patrolman Olliver, Patrolman Lewis, Patrolman Walters, Pfc Steele, Clerk Morrow, Miss Rodbell, Secretary, Patrolman Williams, Patrolman Spence, Patrolman Brown, Patrolman Jarrell, Patrolman Donovan, and Arthur Ford School Crossing Guard.

This item was from the collection of the Corbit Calloway Library in Odessa, a library with an excellent Delaware ro

Dover, DE Police Department in 1956. Source:  Tri-State Police Review.

Dover, DE Police Department in 1956. Source: Tri-State Police Review.


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