Daylight Fades at a Rural Cemetery Outside Darlington

harford 032Aa

Darkness closes on a Harford County Cemetery as a storm clouds move out of the area

June 27, 2013 – While driving up Route 1 as daylight quickly faded in northeastern Harford County I stopped by the Darlington Cemetery.  This old burial ground just off the highway, established in 1881, is an attractive spot, incorporating features popularized by the 19th century rural romantic cemetery movement.  Located on the top of a hill outside the carefully preserved village of Darlington, there are curving paths, ornate plantings, and decorative iron gates and fencing.  It also has an octagonal chapel, which was constructed in 1885.

Shortly before I pulled into the old burial ground one of those daily occurrences, a heavy thunderstorm with a torrent of heavy rain, lightning, and wind, had just passed out of the area.  The threatening clouds were starting to clear in the late twilight sky as darkness closed in on an old graveyard on a hilltop in northeastern Harford County.


harford 023AA

The Darlington Cemetery on Shuresville Road in Darlington, MD.










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