Salem City NJ, An Interesting Historic District & Town

I spent the day in Salem, NJ doing some fieldwork as I get started on a research project related to late 20th century transformations in rural towns.  It’s the first time I’ve walked Salem’s streets and I had a productive day, finding helpful staff members at the Historical Society, Courthouse, Sheriff’s Office and elsewhere.  They were all great and the county historical Society has strong research collections and a fine staff.  Whenever you are getting started on some new study, its great to have people help orient you to a new community.

Here are a few photos from today’s visit and as the town has lots of interesting architecture and history I will grab more on future visits.  The top two photos show the old county courthouse on the last day of May 2013 and the bottom two are of the insane asylum outside of town.

salem 002a

The Old Salem County Courthouse on a hot Friday in late summer.

salem 011a

salem 038a

Located in a rural area outside of Salem City, this is the county insane asylum. It was used to treat the mental ill until the 1920s.

salem 029a

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2 Responses to Salem City NJ, An Interesting Historic District & Town

  1. Disaster_Guy says:

    I love this Mike. I have always been curious of old hospitals and asylums.

    • Mike Dixon says:

      Thanks Disaster Guy. I like the institutional history too. When I first saw that old building standing outside Salem I thought it was the county jail, but a little asking around and a Google search showed it was the county insane asylum. BTW, that town really has the fallout shelters and lots of old Cold War era signs are still hanging on those buildings.

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