Digitized Somerset County Newspapers a Great Help to Genealogists and Historians

The Crisfield Times from Dec, 12, 1941 is an example of a page from the digital collection at the Somerset County Library.

The Somerset County Library system has digitized its collection of research materials in order to make the resources more broadly and easily available to researchers.  The just released e-products include newspapers from Princess Anne and Crisfield, and records from the county court system.

The old, original microfilm was professionally scanned and software was used to allow for easy text-based searching of the collections.  This valuable addition of records for researchers joins a growing body of material from the Lower Shore.  Here is a list of some of the records groups that are now available online at the Somerset County Library.  Click here to go the library search page.

  • The Crisfield Post, 1935, 1936, and 1955 – 1959
  • The Crisfield Times, 1907 – 1984
  • Maryland and Herald, 1912 – 1984
  • Somerset Herald 1987 – 2004
  • Village Herald 1827 – 1840
  • Administrative Accounts of Somerset County , 1685 – 1772
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