Digital University Collections For Researching Delaware History

The Review, the student newspaper of the University of Delaware, from May 1970. Digital editions of the serial are available online.

The University of Delaware has been working to make digital collections available on the World Wide Web, for some time now.  The scope of those efforts is large and covers a vast amount of different resources, which are helpful when investigating Delaware’s past.

The diverse body of material has many resources.  There are virtual record groups of Civil War era letters and diaries from Delaware families, a University yearbook collection dating back to 1899, Beer Atlas of the State of Delaware from 1868, and Delaware Postcards.  In the area of serials, the Newark Post is available back to 2001, the Review, the student newspaper, goes back to 1970. Delaware Notes an annually scholarly research publication runs from 1931 to 1961, when publication ended.

The oral history collection is helpful.  The Chrysler Corporation Newark Assembly Plant Oral History project contains interviews with twelve former employees of the industrial site.  The Iron Hill Museum collection contains 37 interviews, documenting the history of the Iron Hill School, an African-American school.  Additional interviews in the collection document life in the community and nearby Pleasant Valley.

Back in the 1963, a series of 15 originally broadcasts on WHYY TV in Wilmington focused on the history and government of the First State.   Dr. John Munroe was the scholar and historian narrating this series, which is available online.

There is much more and Delaware researchers will find many helpful resources there.  Here is the link.

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