The War of 1812 in Delaware: A Helpful Digital Resource from the State Archives.

In commemoration of the First State’s role in the War of 1812 the Delaware Public Archives has launched an online digital repository of primary documents that researchers and those seeking to gain more understanding about the period will find valuable. This web portal contains many insightful e-resources such as books, military reports, documents, prints, and correspondence. The always open library includes military journals, papers of the legislature and executive, muster rolls, river pilot logs, judicial documents, guard reports, and war claims. The e-books are the biography of Captain Thomas Macdonough and two volumes of the military records of the Delaware Archives.

The Archives has been taking a lead in going digital, making records that have historical and research value available online. This is the latest example of the excellent, ongoing advancements being made by the archivist in Dover. It’s a valuable, attractive resource with great primary source content that chronicles what happened during that dangerous period when the British were in the Delaware Bay. This online collection, while preserving original manuscripts, makes these rare resources easily available to the public. Thank You Delaware Public Archives.

Here is the link.

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