Learning about Delaware history at Old Court House Museum

My Wilmington University Delaware History class visited the New Castle Court House Museum for a practical learning opportunity offered by the Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs Tuesday evening.  For over an hour and a half our knowledgeable docent, Brian, guided us through centuries of Delaware’s colonial and pre-Civil War history.    We heard about the contact period, initial settlement patterns, the evolution of law and government, the Underground Railroad and some major trials in the old courthouse during those quickly passing minutes

This was a great, engaging way to present applied lessons for a group examining Delaware’s history this semester.  Flawlessly Brian linked the history and culture of the place that was once the capital of the State to our studies of the past.   He is an excellent facilitator and explains complicated matters in an engaging ways that related to the audience.

The Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs always provides excellent programming, and each time I attend one of their events I leave with more understanding of First State heritage.  They know how to present relevant and engaging history lessons and these instructive programs are lively.

We have such valuable and supportive resources nearby for those of studying the past in the First State.  Thank you Brian and Old Court House Museum.

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