Delmar Celebrates its Past With Heritage Pride Day 2012

Delmar, the little town that is too big to be in one state, proudly celebrated its past yesterday with the 2012 heritage pride day.  In addition to festival activities and music downtown in the area of railroad park and the caboose, there was a program at the library, dedication of a local cemetery, old car show, fireworks at dusk and more.

The railroad town at the end of the line was established soon after the Delaware Railroad reached the area in 1859, according to a Delaware Historical Marker.  It was also a border town as the community was located on the State Line and thus it took its name by combining the first three letters of each state.

Old business directories provide a great way to examine a community’s past and the Delaware State Directory for 1874 reported the village had a population of about 150 people.  At the end of the Delaware Railroad the place had blacksmiths, brick manufacturer, carpenter, a distillery, hotel, lumber dealer, general merchants, milliners, a physician, shoemaker and steam saw mill.  Another company, the Eastern Shore Railroad took passengers and freight on down the Eastern Shore into Virginia.

The Delmar Public Library has excellent resources for patrons researching the history of the community and the railroad.  Be sure to check it out if you’re doing some digging into the past around these parts.

It was a beautiful early fall Saturday in Delmar as the community celebrated its heritage in this nice small town festival.

Delmar Historical Marker

The Delmar Railroad Caboose

Delaware State Directory 1874 from Google Books.

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