Name That Ghost — A program at the Berlin Library on Oct. 29

Anyone interested in investigating the possibility of a ghostly presence in an old house or building will find methods historians use for searching out the past helpful.

So if you are on the trail of something that’s otherworldly or simply interested in the subject, historian Mike Dixon will share the techniques he uses to probe occurrences from a long, long time ago.  Generally his archives based studies involve digging through dusty, long untouched records to document the past at a property or piece together some family history.

But with the popularity of paranormal shows, he is often asked to help an investigator get information on someone who came to an unfortunate end or figure out the origins of a ghost story. Long forgotten coroner’s inquests, death notices, police and criminal records, obituaries, yellowing newspaper accounts of crimes and much more are his sources and they all whisper their secrets about what took place for someone seeking to name that ghost. So while ghost hunters use special equipment to gather physical evidence when they’re on the trail of a spirit, this workshop will introduce historical methods they may couple with their spectral probes. Along the way, he’ll share some case studies of how he helped paranormal investigators leverage the stories from the past.

Date:  Monday, October 29 at 2 pm

Where:  Berlin Branch, Worcester County Library,

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