Searching for Your Family Roots In the 1940 Census: A Program at the Delaware Archives

Press Release – Delaware Public Archives

Looking for help in finding a parent, grandparent, or other relative in the soon to be released 1940 United States Census?  The Delaware Public Archives can help!  On Saturday, April 7, 10:30 a.m. the Delaware Public Archives will present a program about the 1940 Census featuring Jefferson M. Moak, Senior Archivist with the National Archives & Records Administration, Mid-Atlantic Region. Because the U.S. Census is confidential for 72 years, the 1940 Census will be available to researchers for the first time in April.  While the U.S. Census, recorded every ten years, has traditionally been viewed as an extremely valuable genealogical tool, there are changes and differences each time it is conducted and recorded. The Delaware Public Archives is sponsoring this special program in order to help genealogists and researchers get a head start on what this census can provide. 

The speaker Jefferson M. Moak has enjoyed a 38-year professional career with appointments at the Free Library of Philadelphia, Philadelphia’ 76, Inc., the Philadelphia Historical Commission and the City Archives of Philadelphia prior to coming to the Mid-Atlantic Region of the National Archives & Records Administration.  He has served as Senior Archivist at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Office of the National Archives since his arrival in 2000.  He is an accomplished genealogist, compiling several genealogies while also serving as the verifying genealogist for several lineage societies.

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