Chestertown Newsstands!

Our readers will enjoy the Chestertown Observer’s piece on Chestertown Newsstands.  We’ve clipped the first couple of pargraphs and a link to the full article.


For almost a century, Chestertown’s downtown newsstands have been important gathering places to learn local news, share rumors and gossip, greet friends, neighbors and visiting tourists, and buy items as disparate as snacks, musical instruments, shoes or antiques.

One of the first, opened in 1918, was Charles C. Schreiber’s Wholesale and Retail Confectionery store at 337 High Street in downtown Chestertown.   Shoppers would not only find newspapers and magazines there but also paperback books, school supplies, ice cream, candy and fireworks.  As one long-ago resident said, “All it was missing was Christmas trees in December”.  Schreiber’s even employed two young Chestertown men to deliver newspapers to town residents.   In the book IMAGES OF AMERICA – KENT COUNTY,* Page 102, there is a photo of Mr. Schreiber of Schreiber’s Wholesale and Retail Confectionery. * IMAGES OF AMERICA – KENT COUNTY is out of print but copies are available on

Dorothy’s Card Shop opened next door to Schreiber’s a few years later at 335 High Street and carried not only cards, but also newspapers and magazines.

continues on the Chestertown Observer

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