Waiting for the Train at the Centreville Depot

A small group of people and some freight wait for the arrival of the train at the P.B. & .W depot in Centreville, MD.  The image is from a postcard, which was mailed from Centreville to Miss Margaret Lynch in Wilmington on June 8, 1910.

Back in the mid-1970s, while traveling through the Queen Anne’s county seat, I shot  this photo of the old, abandoned Pennsylvania Railroad Freight Station in town.  A group seeking to save the history of Centreville and the county’s transportation past has formed the Queen Anne’s County Railroad Society. In its initial phase the group has been busy saving the relics that still existed at the old railroad yard in the county seat. Eventually they hope to have a museum to interpret this story.


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2 Responses to Waiting for the Train at the Centreville Depot

  1. Dan Worth says:

    To find out more about the Queen Anne’s Railroad Society, please visit http://www.qarrs.org

  2. Mike says:

    Dan, thanks for letting us know about your website. You’ve got a great project going there and we’ll look forward to hearing more about it as things move forward.

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