Downtown Millington in 1940

The four corners in Millington, MD in 1940.

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3 Responses to Downtown Millington in 1940

  1. Patricia Pike says:

    My great grandfather, grandfather & father were born & raised in Millinngton, Md. My famiily is from Millington. I started 1st grade in Millington & my father lived there until he died in 1982. mY BROTHERS ALSO WENT TO SCHOOL IN mILLINGTON. My grandfather had a store &, soda fountain & pool hall on 4 corners in Millington.

    I wish I could find more pictures of Millington, like my great uncle Gharlie’s store., my grandparents house, etc. I am now 75 years old & would like to paint some pictures of my homee town.

    Patricia Pike

  2. Patricia Pike says:

    P>S> My maiden name iss Jones. George B Jones’s daughter.

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