WJZ 13: Mason-Dixon Mystery Solved By Pa. College Students

From WJZ 13

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — If Todd Babcock had his way, the Mason-Dixon Line would be known as the technological marvel that kept Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, not as flawed shorthand for the Civil War divide between North and South.

The land survey that settled a border feud between Pennsylvania and Maryland predates the Civil War by a century. It started at a house in Philadelphia whose location was only recently confirmed by a group of college students paging through centuries-old property records.

The research led state officials to approve a historical marker for the site last month. Babcock and other members of the volunteer Mason and Dixon Line Preservation Partnership plan to erect it for the line’s 250th anniversary in 2013.

“Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon’s accomplishment has been buried in the fog of bad history and I hope to change that,” said Babcock, 46, a professional surveyor from Fleetwood, Pa.

article continues on WJZ

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