Havre de Grace Patch: Prohibition: A City Along a River, Dry as a Bone?

From the Havre de Grace Patch

By Adam Rybczynski


Like much of Havre de Grace’s history, the prohibition era was layered with mystery. 

Overnight, complex underground markets were established to promote the sale of alcohol. Legal boundaries were no match for the demand alcohol was in. Bootleggers established a profitable network of speakeasies through out Havre de Grace.

Several bootleggers in particular caught the eye of the National Dry Agency. During the course of the dry period, a large number of raids were executed on members of Havre de Grace’s underground world. Criminal behavior, such as smuggling liquor into Havre de Grace on airplanes, selling large amounts of alcohol, and the shooting of John A. Buongore, solidified Havre de Grace’s reputation as an unruly community.

story continues here

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