Havre de Grace Patch, a New Media Outlet, Launches Local History Column

The Havre de Grace Patch

Havre de Grace has always had a sense of its history. It is as if its citizens always knew that historicalness would be its enduring trait.

The very streets define its place in various eras of history. A brisk walk takes you through the Revolution (think Franklin and Washington streets), bodies of water tied to its 19th century canal (Otsego and Ontario), local historical figures (Pennington and Seneca) and the names of fowl now more often found in wooden form in collectible shops than in the flesh (Canvasback and Bufflehead).  

These choices create the nomenclature of our town.

We like to shout our history. A cannon, a light house, venerable and humble brick, and wooden and stone buildings remind us that we are historic. We can probably challenge most national jurisdictions for museums per capita or per square mile.  These pieces dot the landscape and adorn our city flag, our emblems and the very character of this town.  Signs that scream “THIS IS HISTORIC” do not let us forget our heritage.

article continues on the Havre de Grace Patch

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2 Responses to Havre de Grace Patch, a New Media Outlet, Launches Local History Column

  1. hdghistory says:

    Its great that local history is now coming to light in so many new ways.

  2. Mike says:

    Yes it is and blogs are letting us share things so much more easily, just as you’re doing over in Havre de Grace. Keep up the good work.

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