New Blog Focuses on History of Havre de Grace

We were pleased to find a new blog focusing on Havre de Grace history, while surfing the net this morning. The young blogger, Adam  Rybczynski, is a historian and college student from Harford County who is involved with the Lockhouse Museum.  We first met Adam last year when attended a lecture he presented on history of crime in the city at the mouth of the Susquehanna River.

He’s posted a few fascinating articles, including, “My Town is Your Town” a piece talking about why local history is important.  We’re adding HDGHistory to our blogroll as we look forward to some enjoyable essays from the western shore of the river.  Keep up the good work Adam.  We enjoyed reading what you’ve produced thus far.  Blogs are a perfect way for all of us to share our interests with a broad audience.

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3 Responses to New Blog Focuses on History of Havre de Grace

  1. hdghistory says:

    Thanks Mike for all your support. Its much appreciated. Like always Reflections on Delmarva’s past is excellent.

  2. Mike says:

    Certainly Adam. It was good to see your blog exploring the past in and around Havre de Grace. Are you doing another presentation during the winter lecture series?

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