Pencader Presbyterian Church Prepares to Celebrate 300th Anniversary

A hardworking group of volunteers at Pencader Presbyterian Church in Glasgow are busy with preparations to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the founding of this old Delaware Church. Committee chair, Billie Todd, Rev Bob Undercuffler, and other members of the group are planning special festivities that honor the deep historical roots of this congregation. Pencader has stood at the center of this historic community since 1710 and the present-day 1850s impressive brick edifice is a place where generations of families have worshipped as time marched on.

The congregation and the public will celebrate this heritage of worship and service on Sunday, Sept. 26. Beginning at 2:00 p.m. activities open with a cemetery walk as people stroll through the ancient burial ground, meeting costumed interpreters acting out the parts of community and church leaders from years gone by. There will be also be discussion about the significance of changing tombstone art and inscriptions. Young and old of all ages will find old time games, colonial crafts, strolling musicians, refreshments and more. About 3:45 bagpipes and drummers from across the glen, as well as the golling of the church bell, with call everyone to gather for the march into the Sanctuary for the 500th anniversary gala celebration in the Sanctuary. It will feature the massed choir from many congregations, hymns and prayers, as well as surprises of grace.

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