Havre de Grace & Perryville Receive Grants as MD Tourism Agency Focuses on War of 1812

From Baltimore Business Journal —-

The state’s Heritage Area Authority recently awarded Maryland museums and historical sites with $2.6 million in grants, giving organizations’ applications for funds extra weight if they included War of 1812 bicentennial programs.

Organizations in the 11 state-designated “heritage regions” can apply for money from the heritage authority, which was created to help preserve Maryland’s historical sites and encourage tourism. In past years, applications were given extra consideration for initiatives that play into state-wide marketing pushes, such as the “Captain John Smith Story,” last year’s focus. This year and possibly next year, HAA officials said, the spotlight is on the War of 1812, the bicentennial for which stretches from 2012 to 2014.

Havre de Grace in Harford County received $34,000 from the HAA. There, British forces burned the city to the ground in 1813, and a coalition of the city’s five museums plans to use the money to create a traveling exhibit chronicling the community’s involvement with the war.

article continues on Baltimore Business Journal

Bloggers Note  Perryville received $57,000 to help with the renovation of the Rogers Tavern.

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