Maryland Humanities Brings Thurgood Marshall to Easton

Easton, July 12, 2010 –  Monday evening the Maryland Humanities Council’s Chautauqua performance opened on the Eastern Shore for the 2010 summer season.  Stubby Knuckles, a blue musician, warmed up the audience with some fine piano playing and singing before Thurgood Marshall stepped onto the stage of the historic Avalon Theater.

Portrayed by Dr. Lenneal J. Henderson, it seemed as if the Civil Rights Advocate and Supreme Court Justice had arrived in Talbot County for a visit with an audience, as the college professor dramatically portrayed the Maryland lawyer.  The house was nearly full as the Justice vividly recalled his early life, the civil rights movement, and his professional career on the Supreme Court.  Once he finished the formal act, the crowd had a chance to ask questions.  The audience was caught up in the show as Dr. Henderson dramatically acted out the story, peppering it with plenty of humor as laughs often filled the Easton Theater.  If you missed this engaging show you missed a superb portrayal.  Two more historical characters will be visiting Easton as part of the series so click her for information.

Dr. Henderson is Distinguished Professor of Government and Public Administration and Senior Fellow at the William Donald Schaefer Center for Public Policy and a Senior Fellow in the Hoffberger Center for Professional Ethics at the University of Baltimore.

Chautauqua is brought to the state every summer by the Maryland Humanities Council.  It takes place under large outdoor tents at college campuses, outdoor arenas and in community theaters. Chautauqua is a traveling event and it is wrapping up it the 2010 season with this series of final performances in Easton.  It’s something our family looks forward to every year.

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