Salisbury Soapbox Covers the Past

The Salisbury Soapbox, a blog that touches on issues in Salisbury, recently came to my attention.  While paging through it, I found informative posts about Wicomico County’s past.  Many of them touched on subjects I enjoy reading, such as the pieces about the fire department and accounts of the old-timers that built or supported a strong public safety organization.  Those personal stories about people who’ve seen generations of time pass by as they served their communities are so insightful.  Sure wish I’d had the opportunity to talk to those fine citizens and professionals too since there is so much to learn from first-hand observations about the past.

I’m linking to the Salisbury Soapbox.  It’s a blog I’ll want to read regularly and it joins some of my other favorites in the blogosphere, including Delmar Dustpan, Falmanac, and the Shores of Delmarva.  Thanks Joe Perdue for the work you’re putting into a product that provides these types of enjoyable pieces.  I’ve become a regular reader.

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One Response to Salisbury Soapbox Covers the Past

  1. Joe Perdue says:

    Thanks for the plug! I look forward to your readers visiting and commenting. I should have a new history post this week-end.


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