Delmarva Now: Delaware State Parks Historian Lee Jennings Will be Missed

 When we first heard in April that Lee Jennings had passed away suddenly, we were shocked. Lee was the historian for the Delaware state parks and he had his hands on from Claymont to Dagsboro.  We’d last seen Lee in an excellent living history program he and his crew put on for the holidays at the Old State House. But we’d enjoyed his work for over a decade on projects such as Fort Delaware and much more.  People in the first state will long benefit from his tireless work to promote Delaware’s cultural resources.

From Delmarva Now —-
LEWES — Lee Jennings laughed, patting an old artillery shell in a state park office hall. “This,” he said, “is from the day Delaware attacked New Jersey.”

In civilian firing practice on the Delaware River in the 1920s, he said, two inert shells went wild. One flew over a pleasure boat of people and hit shore. The other destroyed a man’s hay cart. The shells were kept in New Jersey. Last year, the unidentified owners gave one to Jennings, who had plans to create a display.

Smiling, he said, “Don’t you just love Delaware history?” No one loved it more than Leland C. Jennings Jr., say history buffs statewide, mourning his death last month of a heart attack.

“You can see his fingerprints on projects up and down the state,” said state parks’ programming chief Ray Bivens, who

Article Continues on Delmarva Now

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