British Overrun Havre de Grace Again as Hundreds of People Watch

A lively narration about the attack by Scott Sheads

May 1, 2010 – Havre De Grace — Musket and cannon fire rang out Saturday afternoon on the grounds of the Susquehanna Museum as the British once again stormed Havre de Grace.  The militia, out in full force to meet the enemy this time, was easily overran as battle hardened royal marines stormed out of the woods.  The cannon fire and musket blasts from the defending riflemen failed to halt the advance of these veterans.

While the reenactment of the War of 1812 attack was the featured event, it was only part of day’s activities.  Before the fire, smoke, and noise of the battlefield action caused a hush to fall over the large crowd, there were drill formations, men and women in period attire, soldiers camps, tours of the museum, and talks by authors.  The writers included Scott Sheads from Fort McHenry and Chris George a historian and author of an authoritative title on the War of the 1812 on the Chesapeake.  Ranger Sheads, without aid of a microphone or amplifying device delivered an animated, thoroughly enjoyable talk about the War of 1812 on the Upper Chesapeake.  As his voice boomed out to hundreds of assembled people, he asked if everyone could hear him.  Yes the crowd shouted back as he joked that’s why they send me all the way up here from Fort McHenry.

Over 500 people attended this successful event, and hundreds of them toured the Lock House Museum.  Congratulations to the Susquehanna Museum for producing a fine day that leverages the history of their community to attract a great crowd to town.

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