Harford Dagger: The Trial That Never Was: The Back Story Why H. Rap Brown Fizzled, Even A Car Explosion Backfired In A Masterpiece Of Ineptitude

From the Harford Dagger . . . . . 

Working as a photo-journalist during the turbulent 60’s and 70’s had it’s moments of terror and fear, as bombings and fires raged with anger of blacks and whites confronting each other. One such night of fear and anxiety came in Harford County as the H. Rap Brown trial was to open in a few days.

The trial never happened,….in Bel Air…after a car with two black men inside exploded along Route 1 and Toll Gate road, while the town was under ‘lock down’ because of threats the police received from supporters of Mr. Brown.

The story I wrote and the photographs taken were shared with Time-Life magazine in New York….

Article Continues on Harford Dagger

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