History Happy Hour Brings Author of “The War of 1812 in Chesapeake” to Chestertown

For this month’s “history happy hour” the Historical Society of Kent County sponsored the first book-signing for “The War of 1812 in the Chesapeake,” an authoritative new title.  Authored by the regions foremost scholars on the war, Dr. Ralph Eshelman, Scott S. Sheads, and Professor Donald D. Hickey, it will serve as the definitive work on the war in the Chesapeake region. The research in this encyclopedia surpasses anybody of material brought together on this matter and it is supported by primary documents such as diaries, journals, and newspaper articles.  I’m pleased to be able to add this well researched title to my reference library for it’ll get lots of use as planning continues for the Bicentennial of the war and it gives me a comprehensive volume of verified facts.    Page after page is loaded with facts about incidents in Cecil, Kent, and Harford counties, as well as throughout the state.

As guests enjoyed wine and cheese, Dr. Eshelman talked about the region’s role during the war.  No theater of war suffered more than the Chesapeake Bay region, where 11 battles, 63 skirmishes, and 86 raids took place, he remarked.  During the enjoyable and informative program he highlighted some of the history we don’t recognize here on the Eastern Shore and dispatched a few myths.  I see a few more are dispatched in the book, including a few cherished ones in Cecil County.  We’ve only had a couple of hours to spend with this book since purchasing it but it is one that’s going to earn its keep in my library.

The Historical Society’s “history happy hours” take place on the first Friday of each month when “a laid-back history program” is offered to guests along with great wine and fabulous cheese.  The Chestertown events are part of a town wide program which includes a range of activities such musical entertainments at venues around downtown, poetry readings and much more.  It’s always an enjoyable First Friday in fine old Maryland downtown, one that causes us to make Chestertown a favorite destination.

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3 Responses to History Happy Hour Brings Author of “The War of 1812 in Chesapeake” to Chestertown

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  2. Jack Shaum says:

    This book is the bible of the War of 1812 in the Chesapeake. It is not to be missed!

  3. Mike says:

    Thanks jack for stopping by. It’s a valuable addition to my library.

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