“Fully, Freely, and Entirely – Becoming the First State,” an Outstanding Program

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In the historic atmosphere of the old state house in Dover, we attended a candlelit historical theater presentation, celebrating Delaware’s ratification of the Constitution last Saturday evening. With a gentle snow blanketing the Capitol, we stepped back to the 18th century to encounter and interact with delegates, protestors, tavern-keepers and slaves.  

In that historic atmosphere, as candles illuminated our path and chased away the shadows, we encountered Mrs. Battell, as well as Gunning Bedford and other delegates to the ratification convention.  In addition to listening in on conversations from the convention,we participated in the debate, and joined in the celebration with 18th-century toasts and “huzzahs!”  Refreshments and an opportunity to meet the cast followed the program. 

It was all well done and worth seeing in such a realistic setting as the Old State House.  Congratulations to Delaware Parks for such a fine program.  We’ll look forward to adding it to our calendar again next year.  The performers were first class and the content superb, the type of program one would expect to travel to Williamsburg to enjoy and learn from.  A great way to present an engaging history lesson with solid content.

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