Delaware City Celebrates Fences – July 18

To commemorate the Smithsonian Traveling Exhibit Between Fences in Delaware City, the creation of a permanent fence in Delaware City’s Battery Park was undertaken by over 20 artisans. Delaware City’s resident blacksmith Kerry Rhoades of Forged Creations gathered the talents of 18 blacksmiths from 6 states, from as far away as New Mexico, to participate in creating 21 artistic forged iron pickets and donated them for our community fence. Timber framers, from the local Challenge Program, which is a nonprofit Construction Training Program split rails while the community looked on. Brick masons from Paul’s Pointing, a historic masonry company, carefully constructed a brick pillar in the center. Blacksmiths came from NY, MD and PA to help assemble and install the fence. All in all the installation took about 9 hours. All the artists and craftsmen who participated donated the labor, materials and their time for this remarkable piece of public art. The fence will open dialogue for passersby and those strolling through the park on how fences affect our everyday life.

On July 18th, 2009 at 3:00 PM, Mayor John Martin of Delaware City will join the Between Fences artisans and the community on our city’s most famous and exciting day; Delaware City Day, to commemorate this artistic fence as part of Delaware City’s successful Smithsonian exhibit and to promote this piece of public art as a symbol of Delaware City’s move toward revitalization of the downtown and commitment to the arts. During the commemoration, 2 plaques will be placed on the fence, one noting the fences’ role in the exhibit and another with the names of over 20 artisans.  The commemoration will take place at: 3:00 PM Battery Park, Delaware City Delaware City Day, July 18th 2009

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