Eastern Shore Police Association Honors 33 Fallen Officers from the Shore

Well over a half-a-century since a cluster of line of duty deaths occurred in Crisfield, MD., three men who were killed in the line of duty have now been fully recognized. These fallen lawmen literally made up the thin blue line in the Somerset County town during the first third of the 20th century. This belated memorial recognition came about because of the work of First Sgt. Stanley Harmon of the Crisfield Police Department. A fifty-something officer, he joined the department after retiring from Baltimore County.  Taking an interest in the agency’s past, he uncovered the long-forgotten names in his research and set out to make sure they were properly memorialized in granite for the service they had given to the citizens of Crisfield. On May 13 they were added to the National Monument during a candlelight ceremony in Washington, D.C. (Click here for more details on Crisfield’s Officers.)

On May 22 the Eastern Shore Police Association’s unveiled a new memorial wall honoring officers who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving the citizens of the Shore.  Chiseled into the granite are the names of 33 officers, including two from Cecil County.  At a solemn ceremony at the camp outside Cambridge, this monument was unveiled and it included the names of the men from Crisfield.


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