Queen Annes County 200 Years Behind in The Way of Prisons


This jail built in 1908 replaced the old lockup that had the Cecil County Sheriff worried because it was centuries out-of-date

Sheriff Dunbar of Cecil County took a prisoner to the Queen Anne’s County jail in Centreville one June day in 1883. When he arrived at the jail, he found that the local lockup was what he called nothing more than an “ordinary dwelling.” Directed to put him in a second story room, he found that the only fastening device to the room was a spring latch on the door. While returning to Elkton, he might have been thinking that the hoosegow was of little use except as a shelter for persons who would rather be in jail than roam freely in the outside work. He said his only fear was that the prisoner would escape before he got out of town. Queen Anne’s County is about two hundred years behind in the way of prisons, a local Cecil County paper editorialized. Another quarter-of-a-century would pass before the Queen Anne’s County commissioners would open a modern facility for jailbirds and trouble makers in the upper-shore county.

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2 Responses to Queen Annes County 200 Years Behind in The Way of Prisons

  1. daniel burris says:

    this particular jail seen here had jail cell’s in the basement. It also was used at halloween as the very 1st “Crack haunted house”. The Sherriff’s dept, md State police, and Centreville Town police would do reinactment’s of drug deal’s and arrest’s for the public and then show you the affect’s from using drug’s. The first night they did this i can remember everyone falling to the ground screaming because they did’nt know it was a reinactment. The building was torn down and a new county building was built in the 1990’s.

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