Thanks Moonman For Making A Ride Down The Delaware Coast More Enjoyable

Although the temperature Friday evening plunged to the frigid single digits I had to drive down the coast for an evening meeting at the Delaware beach.  About the time I was ready to start the last rays of light faded from over on the Chesapeake Bay so I wasn’t particularly looking forward to an almost two hour drive.  Once I got on Route 1, I hit the scan button on my FM radio.  I don’t usually expect to find much except on the public radio frequencies so I don’t usually scan the dial since I’ll go to the satellite receiver or one of my favorite public broadcasters.  But to my surprise the receiver locked on a signal at 90.5 and it was jamming with some a great soul song, “We’re Gonna Make it” by Little Milton so I locked onto the station.   Once Little Milton finished, this skillful DJ, the “Moonman” came on to liven up the program some more.

From the time I picked up that broadcast until somewhere around Milford I listened intently to the great music coming from the receiver and the radio announcer producing a fine show.  He was broadcasting from the Kent County High School Station, WKHS, Worton, MD at 90.5.  This is the kind of valuable entertainment you don’t find on the commercial stations, but those people wanting to sell advertising are missing the opportunity to make their products worthwhile.

It was bitterly  cold and very dark when I passed Milford and the static started taking over.  Before that occurred I called the “Moonman” to thank him for an excellent show and to make sure I got his schedule.  He’s fills the airwaves out of Worton every Friday from 5 to 7 p.m., specializing in southern soul and solid gold.  If you want to hear a DJ from the old school, the type I enjoyed growing up with, dial up your radio to 90.5 WKHS this Friday evening at 5:00 p.m.  You will hear a master of the radio entertainment art working out of a studio in Worton and filling much of the Eastern Shore with great jams.  You don’t find DJs like that much anymore, especially on commercial radio and if that’s the type of music you like you will spend an enjoyable few hours.

By-the-way, the song he had on the air, “We’re Gonna Make it,”  I have streaming from the Net right now.  As I contemplated President-Elect Barak Obamas date with history in few days and his trip through Cecil County on Saturday, the song hit me just right.  It, and all the tunes, warmed up the terribly cold Delaware night, making the trip more enjoyable.  I was in good spirits despite the still breeze at the coast by the time I arrived in my destination.  I think we are going to make it.

Thanks “Moonman” and WKHS.  I’ll have my radio waiting for the 5 0’clock hour this Friday evening. 

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