Uniquely Chincoteague, Radio WCTG

As I get some work done while the midnight hour approaches on this Friday evening, I’ve got WCTG 96.5, Chincoteague, VA., streaming into my office.  These days it is challening to find commercial stations that are interesting so I largely get my music, news and commentary off distant non-commercial stations that broadcast on the web.  But what a great commercial broadcaster I’ve tripped across right here on Delmarva.  I’ll surf over to this one often so it’s worthy of a bookmark alongside many great non-commercial stations. 

When I read the weekly edition of the Chincoteague Beacon  Online this evening, the paper had a piece about Doc Holloway, a local guy, who always wanted to own a station on his hometown streetAfter working in the industry and being told to loose his Chincoteague accent, an opportunity opened up that allowed himto return to host a show a few doors from the place where he grew up.  It’s those sorts of hometown stories that get my attention so I Googled up WCTG to see if the station had a presence on the net.

They sure do.  They’re an album oriented rock station with a great deal of diversity.  Right now I’ve been listening to WCTG, 96.5 Chincoteague, VA. for a few hours.  A computer isn’t making those musical selections and there’s an actual host working an entertaining show.  This evening’s program, Friday Night Psychotronic Show is hosted by Michael Weldon.  What a great DJ they have in Michael for he’s skillfully playing and narrating a blend of the best music from the ’50 s through the ‘70s, including roots, rockabilly, surf, British invasion, and much more. I’m thoroughly enjoying his entertaining show.

The web site site, www.ctgradio.com, says theyre a diversified, divergent station with a specialized line up that highlights local business, heritage and culture, while entertaining at the same time.  It also adds that by partnering local heritage and business institutions they can maximize value to both audiences.  I think this is more than marketing hype and I think they’re on to something.  It’s exactly what commercial radio lost a decade or so ago as they become far removed from the local communities they were serving.

You can bet I’ll be listening to this outlet more and I’m looking forward to hearing the morning show that the newspaper talked about.  I’ll update you as I hear more, but I think I’ve found a regular place for my streaming entertainment right here on the Eastern Shore.  

The commercials actually caught my attention since they were creatively pitching local products.  The few times I listen to commercial stations, I’m really tuned out to the commercials.  These folks are onto a great business model I think, the one radio stations abandoned a few decades ago.  Make it really locally and serve what radio is supposed to advertisers and listeners.



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2 Responses to Uniquely Chincoteague, Radio WCTG

  1. Tim says:

    I was on the island and listening to WCTG as well on Friday, and also was listening to the same program. My family and I can attest to the quality of WCTGs diversity in music as well, as commercials with local business in forefront of ads. We love the Eastern shore, and never change the station all weekend. Thank you for writing about a great place to vacation and WCTG. I guess you could say- ” The only STATION while on vacation “.

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