For the First Time in 70-Years an Andrew Isn’t Running the Caroline County Jail

I noticed in the Star Democrat that Charles Andrew, 54, stepped down as the Superintendent of the Caroline County Detention Center at the end of September.  This marks the first time in 70 years that an Andrew isn’t running the jail in this Eastern Shore County.  The Superintendent moved into the building in 1961 as a seven year old when his father was appointed as the county’s top law enforcement officer after his grandfather died in office.  The senior Andrew had been sheriff since 1938. 

The Caroline County Jail between World War I and World War II

The Caroline County Jail sometime between World War I and World War II

I’ve never meet the Superintendent, but  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting his father twice for interviews over the years.  Sheriff Louis Andrew, 80, served the citizens for 33-years, before retiring in 1994.  It was always a pleasure to meet Sheriff Andrew, as he told me about his years as the chief lawman in Caroline County, MD.  The people of this county were well served by the hard-working peace officer in an era that began when he had one deputy to assist him in running the jail, policing the county, and taking care of the courts. 

The retiring warden told the newspaper that he’d been looking at this building since 1961 and was ready for a change.  I wish the Superintendent the best in his retirement.  Perhaps someday day I’ll have a chance to interview him too.

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4 Responses to For the First Time in 70-Years an Andrew Isn’t Running the Caroline County Jail

  1. Marc says:

    I just recorded an interview with Louis Andrew where he talked about growing up in the jail and then running it.
    He told me how he was busy one day, so he let an inmate out to go get his own sentence at the courthouse! The inmate received his sentence from the judge and dutifully returned to the jail to serve it.
    The Andrews have been great public servants to Denton, it’s definitely the end of an era.

  2. Mike says:


    Thanks for posting about your interview with Sheriff Andrew. Isn’t he an enjoyable and interesting person to interview? His professional career spanned a far different time in law enforcement and I always leave thinking about how well the people of Caroline County were served by this hard working sheriff.

    Are you doing project for Washington College? If so will you post your interviews online somewhere. I’d like to add a link, once you post them if that’s OK.


  3. Marc says:

    The project I am working on is funded through an Maryland Historical Trust grant, and I will be editing the interviews into short radio pieces that will be aired on WKHS in Worton. We are trying to get more funding to develop a web site to host Delmarva oral history projects, I will let you know how it goes…


  4. Mike says:


    That’s a great project Marc. It’ll be very worthwhile. Keep us posted here.


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